Audio Books

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Audio Books

Will Help Your Company Succeed in The Pavement Maintenance Business.


Sales And Marketing Guide For Pavement Maintenance Contractors

This guide covers all aspects of promoting your company and its services with a major emphasis on how to reach your target market and increase your close ratio. The guide covers the complete sales cycle in easy to understand, layman’s terms.

Audio Book: $79.95   Plus S+H


Pavement Maintenance Operations and Procedures For Pavement Maintenance Contractors. 

This manual is a must for pavement maintenance contractors. If you are just getting your business started, this manual will set you on a path to successfully owning and operating your company. If you are currently in the pavement business, this guide will help you enhance your operating procedures allowing for lower overhead and maximum profits.

Audio Book: $79.95   Plus S+H


Developing a Business Plan & Strategy

This manual will guide you through the steps that will help you confidently develop a successful and profitable company. You will be walked through the development of a sound business and financial plan. You will learn proper hiring and training procedures and how to build a sound policy for your employees.

Audio Book: $89.95   Plus S+H

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