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After investing in the expertise of a management consultant, many businesses fail to pursue the recommendations provided. Usually, this is because neither the client nor the consultant stays in touch with each other after the plan of action has been explained.

At GSA, we strive to eliminate this problem by offering our clients the C-MORE-RESULTS program.

With the C-MORE-RESULTS program, The client has the services of a CEO and CFO at his fingertips, when he needs them. The client submits their financial statements and budgets to us on a monthly basis. We review the information and teleconference with the client about our findings.

This continual review allows us to monitor and advice our client on the major segments of his business including operations, sales, marketing, and personnel management. In addition, we provide the client with 24/7 access to us so he may initiate a call whenever he believes it is necessary.

This innovative program’s E-Z Pay program is affordable to any size company.


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