Why Standards?

Why Standards?  Standards are important any aspect of a business.  Standards provide people and organizations with a foundation for mutual understanding and plays a vital role in enabling business interaction. Company-wide standards are necessary for maintaining quality control within your business.  Standards result in more efficiently and professionally completed jobs. This directly leads to greater profit, greater customer … Continue reading Why Standards?

Client Testimonials:

  “Realty Landscaping Corporation owes Gary Goldman a debt of gratitude for his great consulting advice on our organization restructuring. Never have I worked with a consultant with a better pulse on the landscaping marketplace.”  Clifford Greer, President. Realty Landscaping Corporation. “Working with Gary here at Teufel has been a beneficial and insightful experience. With … Continue reading Client Testimonials:


**Publications: When ordering a publication please indicate Pavement or Landscape version. The Complete Book of Forms Available for: Pavement Maintenance Contractors Landscape Contractors. Use the forms in this book to assure the professionalism of your company’s internal and external documentation. Virtually every form you’ll ever need to operate your pavement maintenance company is included. The book … Continue reading Publications

Landscape Seminars and Workshops

Marketing your Company for Greater Profit This seminar will give you the ability to set up a marketing plan for your company. You will learn how a sales organization and selling process will help maximize your annual revenues. The seminar will emphasize the importance of establishing long-term customer relationships to maximize referrals. You will get … Continue reading Landscape Seminars and Workshops

Pavement Maintenance Seminars & Workshops

Operations in a successful Pavement Maintenance Company Does your company have an efficient and effective flow of information from the owner, to the office, to the field, to the customer? Do all of your operations within each respective area all work together to ensure total success in your company? Would you like to structure your … Continue reading Pavement Maintenance Seminars & Workshops